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Carney Automation is your source for Industrial automated solutions through custom design, expertise, and innovation.

Creating Together

Carney Automation has built a talented and dedicated team that propels the industry forward. As automation specialists with a true purpose, we are continually transforming, driven by ingenuity and powered by growth. Our employees take pride in their work, inspired by innovation, which drives us to Create, Innovate and Automate the future.   


Scott Collin - Carney Automation

Scott Collin

Director of Automation

A master electrician with more than 20 years of experience, Scott has been with Carney for almost seven years, working to build a great team of electrical designers, programmers, and panel builders and dedicated to recognizing talent and building solid partnerships with customers globally.

Herman Surya - Carney Automation

Herman Surya

Controls Integrator

Overseeing controls integration for Carney Automation since 2019, Herman ensures computerized control systems are properly integrated into our industrial material handling equipment facilitating the connections for related devices, systems and networks.

Garen Palani - Carney Automation

Garen Palani

Senior – Industrial Electrician Apprentice

Responsible for electrical system integration, Garen has been part of the Carney team for six years, installing, maintaining, testing, and troubleshooting our automated material handling equipment. As an industrial electrician apprentice, his passion for integrated safety systems shows in every project he touches.

Akeem Richards - Carney Automation

Akeem Richards

Panel Builder

A valuable team member for the last five years, Akeem ensures every electrical panel we manufacture is top-tier, designing, inspecting, wiring and troubleshooting every component to guarantee that our customers get the best quality electrical work in the industry.

Piotr Grapa - Carney Automation

Piotr Grapa

Electrical Technician

The leading electrical technician at Carney, Piotr installs and maintains wiring, lighting and control systems for all our automated products. Having been a part of the team for an incredible twenty-one years, Piotr lends his expertise to ensure every piece of equipment is carefully crafted to withstand any environment.

Richard Ramdial - Carney Automation

Richard Ramdial

Junior – Industrial Electrical Apprentice

Having started his journey in 2021, Richard is the latest addition to the automation team. A junior industrial electrical apprentice, Richard assists in the preparation of our products, including wiring, testing and assembly.

Featured Products

We employ state-of-the-art processes and technologies to balance the concerns of workplace safety with the productivity and risk management needs of our clients. Our goal is to provide an injury-free, highly productive automated work environment backed by a dedicated team of experts.

Fleet Management

An affordable option to help businesses meet projected ROIs in 2022, our callbox
technology brings battery room automation to the next level.

Automated Storage & Retrieval

We provide proven Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems enhancing the order of your operations picking process to maximum efficiency.

Safer Equipment

Safe practices are vital to a successful operation, especially when automating. Implement safety sensors, lights and indicators onto your existing equipment or add them to your Carney Automation order.

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