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The Carney Automation team is a dedicated group of engineers and technologists specializing in developing automated material management systems from conception to installation. Working with our clients from the conceptual stages of projects to designing and applying upgrades to existing equipment, our team will provide solutions tailored specifically to your operation. We pride ourselves on bringing your vision to life.

  • Process flow review
  • Maintenance programs
  • Remote service and support worldwide
  • Risk assessment
  • Pre-start reviews
Project Management - Carney Automation
Electrical Design

Electrical Design


Electrical design is part of the production process for automated material handling equipment, fleet management systems and telecommunications infrastructure. A vital first step is mapping electrical components, schematics, lighting and power systems to ensure that systems last the test of time. Our electrical designs are certified by various associations and accredited to meet legislative safety and health requirements.

  • Safety designs and upgrades
  • CSA upgrades
  • Reverse engineering for missing drawings
  • AutoCAD
  • Explosion proof and hazardous locations

Panel Building


With experience building panels for several industries, including but not limited to automotive, aerospace, retail and food service, we are proud to offer panels built specifically for your business. Unlike standard panel shops, the team at Carney Automation combines project management and electrical design with the best materials available to provide quality panels that are CSA, UL and CE approved.

  • Motor control centers
  • Power distribution panels
  • Operator consoles
  • CSA, UL & CE certification
Panel Build - Carney Automation
Industrial Automation

Industrial automation


Industrial automation uses control systems to improve processes and machinery, resulting in higher productivity, consistent quality, flexibility, and safety. We use Industrial Automation as a tool to implement process adjustments and improve client operations. Something as simple as introducing one automated task in the assembly line can dramatically impact the bottom line.

  • PLC programming 
  • HMI programming 
  • Safety PLC integration
  • Legacy controllers/upgrades to outdated equipment
  • Vision system integration 

Robot Programming


Robot programming is the process of developing a control scheme for how a machine interacts with its environment and achieves its goals. Often coupled with CBH and CF products, our available programming services include simulations to ensure top-notch integration. Our product packages also include remote support providing smooth integration into your business.

  • Out-of-the-box setup and support
  • Offline simulations 
  • Safety integration
  • Site commissioning and testing 
Robot Programming
Industrial Automation

SERvo’s & vfds


While a Servo drive needs a command signal to compare positions, a VFD directly controls the voltage and frequency. The team at Carney Automation can implement either depending on what commands are required of the system. Luckily, we design custom, affordable plans that help you meet the demand reliably. 

  • Integrated design
  • Power studies
  • Motion control
  • Precise pick and place
  • High-speeded conveyors and material handling
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